Desert Textures
Experiments in Sand

Desert Textures by Sam Fee is a collection of digital photography prints in both color as well as black and white. The imagery is formatted in both wide angle and 19X13 digital prints; and grouped into two sets each of five wide-angle prints and six 19X13 prints. There is also an optional multimedia component for this show composed of two iPad kiosks including the imagery seen here along with a collection of secondary images that were not included. Click on the buttons above for specific information, or click on any image below to begin the slide show:

DesertTextures_A DesertTextures_B DesertTextures_C DesertTextures_D DesertTextures_E
  DesertTextures_F DesertTextures_G DesertTextures_H  
  DesertTextures_I DesertTextures_J DesertTextures_K  
DesertTextures_L DesertTextures_M DesertTextures_N DesertTextures_O DesertTextures_P
  DesertTextures_Q DesertTextures_R DesertTextures_S  
  DesertTextures_T DesertTextures_U DesertTextures_V  

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